New gift ideas for good health this Christmas

USANA Philippines further expands its portfolio of effective and safe health supplements with its latest release of Palmetto Plus and Phytoestrin. Targeting elder segments of the community, these new releases from USANA Philippines promote graceful and healthy aging among Pinoys.

“We believe that one of the best gifts that we can give others is the gift of good health – which makes this new set of offering very timely in our market,” said USANA regional manager for the Philippines and Indonesia Aurora “Duday” Gaston. “As we launch our two new products, Palmetto Plus and PhytoEstrin, we are optimistic that we continue to empower both men and women not only to live longer, but to actually live meaningful lives.”

Especially made for women, PhytoEstrin promotes the maintenance of good health before, during and after menopause. All-natural PhytoEstrin comprises of a wide range of botanical formulation containing phytoestrogens from various sources including soy isoflavones, which maintains women’s health. It also contains an effective mixture of herbs that complement soy isoflavones, which help promote health and wellness during menstruation as well as pre-and post-menopausal years.

Meanwhile, men now have something to rely on for their prostate health with Palmetto Plus.  USANA revolutionizes a method which involves the mixture of saw palmetto with lycopene and soy isoflavones to provide long-term support for prostate health at any age. With this, prostate health can now be consistently maintained regardless of one’s age.

These new roster of products from USANA, along with its other offerings, makes up for a valuable early Christmas gift idea.