Social media users can now protect their personal data online: Here’s how

Amid the numerous hacking incidents around the globe targeting social media accounts, many have grown concerned on how they can protect their data online.

In a “Digital Matters” episode on Saturday, privacy and data protection expert Jamael Jacob said that not many people knew the threats that could arise from online breaches.

However, as ordinary social media users, here are a few ways we can protect our personal data online according to Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, as listed on the “Digital Matters” video.

1. Use a strong password that isn’t similar to the ones you use in other sites.

2. If security questions are asked, use information that only you will know. Don’t use accurate information or information that can be easily guessed by others.

3. It’s better to use a different email address that is solely for your social media profiles.

4. As much as possible, only put minimal information in your account.

5. Read and understand the privacy policy and terms of service of the social media apps you use.

6. If the social media app is asking for more information, understand the need for it first before complying.