Enabling business continuity through Teleperformance Digital Solutions

 With Covid-19 disrupting business operations around the world, and people everywhere practicing social distancing, companies have been forced to reconsider how work gets done.

Many businesses have opted to continue their operations through work-at-home arrangements. Yet these companies continue to face the challenge of providing an excellent customer experience to their clients while having to deal with the reality of limited resources while working at home.

As companies adjust to the new reality, digital interactions are alternatives that can provide human connection when customers need it the most.

Teleperformance, a global leader in digital business solutions, is already helping companies overcome the operational difficulties posed by Covid-19 through a variety of services that blend high-tech platforms with more personalized high-touch support.

To effectively manage call volume spikes and optimize live customer service agent performance, Teleperformance recommends blending on-site and work-at-home interaction experts to ensure scalability during peak seasons, as well as to leverage automation tools like bots and chat services to offload simple and repetitive tasks.

This makes digital interactions more efficient and productive during this challenging period for better customer experience management. Processes automation for faster enablement of work-at-home agents

Automation at Teleperformance is much more than technology. The team uses technology to assist each employee, enabling them to perform their tasks in a quicker, smarter and more accurate manner.