Partial solar eclipse graces sky just in time for Father’s Day

A partial solar eclipse graced the sky just in time for Father’s Day celebration.

According to IMReady’s report, an annular solar eclipse can be seen in certain areas in Africa, China, and Asia.

However, in the Philippines, only a partial solar eclipse can be seen. During a partial solar eclipse, only a certain portion of the moon’s shadow will fall on the Earth.

This can be viewed from 3 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Dalawang astronomical event ang ating nakita sa Linggo kasabay ng pagdiriwang ng Father's Day.

Sa Linggo, magaganap ang isang Annular Solar Eclipse na makikita sa Africa, China, at ilang bansa sa Asya. 

Aside from the eclipse, the summer solstice will also occur this Sunday. The summer solstice is considered to have the longest daytime and the shortest nighttime during the entire year.

This means that daytime this Father’s Day will last for over 13 hours.