The Month of the Hearts

By Anggie Corro


February  is  the most anticipated month  because  of the celebration  of Valentine's Day . To many  it is the time of renewal  of love for  husbands and wives  , for  boyfriends  and girlfriends  . But  , this day  is not limited  to those  I mentioned  but, it  is also a month  of remembering  our love ones  specially our parents  and grandparents and everyone closest  to our hearts .  Valentine's  day  is  an expensive day. Flowers in Dangwa   are  prohibitive, chocolates  , and other material  gifts  will cost the giver  quite an amount . I hope that  we should consider  Valentine's Day  in our everyday lives  and not limit it to a one-day  affair . This  day becomes so commercialized  that  we  forget  the true  meaning  of love and being in-love. A  home-cooked  dinner  can make this occasion memorable instead  of lining up in restaurants  to treat your love ones . Home dinner  is more healthy  that  going  to restaurants  that will cost you quite an amount . Times have changed  and people  considers Valentine's Day  as the time to splurge .  Lets reconsider  our options  plan  a  home celebration for this day . Happy hearts Day everyone .


The controversial  issue  as of date  is whether  the franchise  of ABS-CBN  should be renewed or not  . It seems that  this administration  is bend into  getting bac at  the media outfit  for allegedly  "  not airing  the political  commercial   of then  candidate  Rodrigo Duterte  .  Opposition lawmakers such as the likes of Albay Rep Edcel Lagman . Cong Rufus Rodriguez of Cagayan de Oro  and many others are  expressing their support for the renewal  of the franchise .  It is probably because of this that  Solicitor General   Jose Calida  did not want  to  take chances with Congress  and opted to short -circuit  the process by filing  directly a complaint to the Supreme Court by filing a "quo warranto "  petition seeking to  nullify  ABS-CBN   because of allleged " highly abusive practices   benefitting a greedy few .  The truth of the matter  SolGen  Calida   is only trying to please  his Boss  ,after   his Boss declared a  war against  the media outfit . Obvious ba ?  


The death toll from the new corona virus surged past 1,000 last week  and WHO warned that  infected  people who have not traveled to China could be the "spark  for a bigger fire '.  THe team from WHO  international expert  arrived in China as the country struggles  to contain  a viral epidemic  that has now infected more than 42,000  and reached 27 other countries including the Philippines .  Chinese authorities have locked  down  millions of people in a number  of cities  while several governments have banned arrivals from China . In the meantime , in Manila  the shortage of surgical mask continues . Many residents are in the verge of panic  because of  the virus .  Some  media  have warned the public against   fake news  that the virus could be airborne ,but  WHO  representatives have issued a statement  that  the virus is not proven to be airborne . The general public should  be alert  by taking care of themselves  and  be more conscious  of hygiene . Wash your hands as many times  as you can  and avoid  touching  your face  or eyes avoid contamination .  In the meantime  listen  to  news coming  from DOH  and not from any putted source.   Most of all, let us pray  that our  country  will be spared from this dangerous virus .  


To everyone  let us have a peaceful and happy hearts day  . Have a   blessed weekend everyone .