Self-rated poverty worsens in Q3 amid inflation pressures

Social Weather Stations (SWS), a polling organization has revealed that more than 12.2 million families self-rated themselves as poor, equivalent to 52% of respondents in a study conducted at the end of September, up from 48% a quarter earlier.

According to the Third Quarter 2018 Social Weather Survey, respondents who declared themselves poor was “the second consecutive increase in Self-Rated Poverty (SRP) in 2018. Since the 42% recorded in March 2018, Self-Rated Poverty has increased by 10 points in total.”

SWS also reported that the September 2018 self-rated poverty rate was the highest since December 2014, where the level was also 52%.

SWS said that of the 52% self-rated poor families, “8% used to be non-poor 1-4 years ago (“newly poor”), and 6% used to be non-poor five or more years ago (“usually poor”). The remaining 39%, or about three out of four poor families, have never experienced being non-poor (“always poor”).”

SWS reported that the rise to 52% was attributed to the “sharp increases in Balance Luzon and Mindanao, offset by a sharp decrease in Metro Manila and an unchanged proportion in the Visayas.”

For Balance Luzon, SRP rose 12 percentage points to 47% in the September quarter from 35% in the June quarter. In Mindanao, there was also an increase in SRP of 5 percentage points to 65% from 60% previously. Visayas remained unchanged at 67% in both periods.

On the other hand, SRP declined by 17 points in Metro Manila to 26% in the September quarter from 43% in the June survey, with SWS calling it “a new record low for Metro Manila, overtaking the previous record low of 28% recorded in December 2000, June 2017, and December 2017.”