SWS: 73% of Filipinos approve the National ID

The latest survey of the Social Weather Station (SWS) showed 73% or at least seven in 10 Filipinos support the implementation of the national ID system.
This following President Rodrigo Duterte’s signing into law of the Philippine System Identification Act (PhilSys Act) which will provide Filipino citizens a single ID that can be used in different transactions with government and private agencies.
The survey, conducted from June 27 to 30, 2018, revealed that about 46% of the respondents said they “strongly agree” with having a national ID; 27% said they “agree”; 18% said they “disapprove”; and 9% said they did not know anything about the issue.
Survey results also showed that 32% of Filipinos see the national ID system as a “very big help” and 28% consider it a “big help.”
Meanwhile, 26% of the respondents said it gives “moderate help” while only 8% said it is of “little help.”
A total of 60% of the 1,200 individuals surveyed nationwide said they trust that the security features of the national ID are enough to safeguard their private information.