Duterte raises harassment of PH fishermen with Chinese ambassador

President Rodrigo Duterte, for the first time since he assumed the presidency, led on June 12 the celebration of the proclamation Philippine independence.
Upon his arrival at the Aguinaldo Shrine, he was welcomed by members of the Diplomatic Corps including Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines, Zhao Jianhua.
The Chinese ambassador said President Duterte personally shared with him the concerns of Filipino fishermen regarding Chinese coast guard personnel who forcibly take their catch at Scarborough Shoal.
The Chinese official assured that investigation will be conducted and vowed to impose appropriate disciplinary action against the coastguards if proven guilty of misconduct. He also confirmed that Chinese coast guards are not allowed to confiscate the catch of Filipino fishermen.
Zhao reiterated that relations between Philippines and China remain friendly.
Advocates call for recognition of Filipina comfort women on Independence Day
Various organizations joined the #Flowers4Lolas campaign in Roxas Boulevard to pay tribute to Filipino comfort women coinciding with the commemoration of the Independence Day today, June 12.
However, the group had to lay the wreaths before a still photo placed at the site in lieu of the symbolic statue of a comfort woman which was removed on April 27, 2018, to pave way for a drainage system project.
Despite the removal of the statue, the group in a statement said the #Flower4Lolas campaign “raises awareness to the plea of comfort women for recognition, for apology and for reparations” as they also played part in the history of the country.
The group reiterated its call for the “re-installation of the statue and for the Philippine government to uphold the truth” and “stand up for the nation’s dignity amidst the pressures of the Japanese government.”