Metro LGUs at work

Do not for a moment think that local government units in Metro Manila are doing nothing to improve the lives of their constituents.  

          A scan of Metro news reports will show that they are in fact spending taxpayers' money for various infrastructure and social development projects.

          For instance, the city government of Manila is allotting P1.4 billion this year on infrastructure projects for public schools in Manila, bringing its total expenditure to P5.773 billion since 2013. Its heavy investment in the education sector is reflected in the construction of 62 new school buildings, and repaired and rehabilitated 149 others in the past five years.

          For its part, the city government of San Juan, after providing housing to more than 300 informal-settler families, now also plans to put up affordable housing for teachers, policemen and those working in city hall through a Pag-IBIG-funded project.

          The housing project is one of the significant components of the city government's Kalinga sa Pamilya program. Before the year ends, the beneficiaries would be able to occupy the projected two buildings with 10 floors per building. The in-city housing  projects are part of the program aimed at uplifting the lives of residents of the city, which envisions itself as a City of Excellence, a globally competitive and dynamic community of empowered residents.

 Meanwhile, in Valenzuela, the city government recently completed a solar-powered clean-water system as part of its disaster-preparedness efforts.  The water system is useful during calamities and other disasters where electricity is unstable or unavailable because residents would still have access to electricity and potable water. The system consists of four rainwater-harvesting drums, a series of filters and a UV lamp powered by solar panels. The system has been proven effective, with  more than 100 cities throughout the country putting up similar solar-powered clean-water systems for their communities.

          Metro Manila LGUs are working to enhance the quality of life in the city. They deserve kudos for doing so.