Another interview, why not?

By  Peter Solis Nery


WHO is Peter Solis Nery behind his staggering achievement?

I am a happy and contented person.

I am also a very funny person, and I keep a youthful attitude despite my age.

My New Year’s resolution, my motto for 2018, is: Laugh Your Way To 50.


I’m turning gold next year.

I cannot ask for anything more in this life, except perhaps for a cute Filipino boyfriend. Haha!

Seriously, if he comes, that would be great.

If not, I’d be okay.

I’m not very religious, but I’m a spiritual person.

I spend time to pray and watch sunsets (check my Instagram @petersolisnery for all the sunsets of 2017).


Describe your life in Dumangas and how did it help you to become a great writer?

Dumangas is a small town.

I was a big achiever even when I was little.

I was pretty famous in Dumangas when I was growing up.

I still am!


Most people in Dumangas know and admire me.

I’m not very sure the millennials know me very well, but most of them have heard about me.

If not, they’re probably from the very remote barrios.

I immigrated to the US in 2006.

But I go home every year to receive an award or something.


What is your unique Ilonggo trait which you believe hurled you into international acclaim?

I’m hardworking and flexible.

I combine perseverance and the Ilonggo adaptive power: normally quiet and reserved, but aggressive and purposeful when provoked.

I stay low-key most of the time, just doing my best in whatever project I do.

But in competitions, I have the urge to prove myself and to defeat my opponents.


How do you describe yourself as a student, and what advice could you share to students on their own goal toward success?

I was a hardworking student, pretty well-rounded, and very smart.

I read more than what was required.

In fact, I think I did more than what was required of me most of the time.


I was a perfectionist with school projects whether they were big or small.

I think students should always try to better themselves, and do more than what is required in school.