Mary Jane Veloso calls on Duterte to allow her to testify against her recruiters

January 10 is the 33rd birthday of Mary Jane Veloso.
Mary Jane was arrested and was sentenced to death after smuggling heroin into Indonesia in 2010.
In a recorded message, she wished for the President to allow her to testify against Cristina Sergio and Julius Lacanilao who allegedly recruited her and tricked her to smuggle drugs.
Sergio and Lacanilao are currently facing trafficking charges.
“President Duterte, just like the case I am facing now, if you will not give me a chance to testify to reveal the truth in this case, how then will you be able to know that I am only a victim and the one who violated the law was Cristina Sergio?” Veloso said.
On December 13, 2017, the court of appeals reversed the decision of the Regional Trial Court in taking Mary Jane’s testimony in Indonesia.
However, the National Union of People’s Lawyers president,  Atty. Edre Olalia, said Mary Jane’s testimony is very vital to the case.
“Mary Jane is the victim. She is the victim of a syndicate. Why don’t you go after the syndicate? Why don’t you listen to Mary Jane? For all we know, she might provide the lead so that the syndicate will be arrested,” Olalia said.
Olalia said the Department of Foreign Affairs also did not allow Mary Jane’s family to see her on her birthday.
Meanwhile, Mary Jane’s family hopes that the President will grant their wish for Veloso.
“I know you hate drugs but my daughter was just a victim that’s why I, the whole family, appeal to you to help my daughter,” Mary Jane’s father, Cesar Veloso said.