Kia soul: Spirit of design

Among Kia’s diverse lineup, the Kia Soul is one that manages to stand out and evoke discussions among drivers and passengers alike, thanks to its distinct design. It’s not unusual to find people giving it a once over in the parking lot or for other motorists to do a double-take on the road.
As one of the more recent additions to the Kia stable, the Soul was designed at the Kia Design Center in California. They developed the signature angular design that became the calling card of the nameplate.
Underneath the distinctive facade is another Kia design innovation. Their version of the Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) was designed from the ground-up in a collaborative effort of both their design centers in California and Namyang, South Korea.
The combination results in something that melds both design innovations into a package that is surprising and unmistakably Kia’s.
The Soul’s angular exterior design directly translates into what car reviewers love about the interiors–space. The interior of the Kia Soul boasts a whopping 2860L of total interior space. 530L of that space is dedicated to rear cargo space and that number balloons to a massive 1400L when you fold the rear seats down flat.
Other than space, the interior appointments like the infotainment system with dedicated steering wheel controls, bucket front seats and premium dashboard material result in something surprisingly refined, especially for those who have polarized opinions on the exterior.
Kia’s Dual Clutch Transmission delivers a sporty-feel. But it’s not just about going fast as the DCT also comes with a 7- speed automatic transmission that has excellent fuel economy with the fuel efficiency of a manual transmission.
These innovations and their fusion into the Soul show that Kia is not afraid of the future and their modern approach to industrial and mechanical design ensures that the brand will continue to surprise consumers.